Photo: Elina Sipilä

Ole Gaino

The story of yoik goes back to ancient times to the whistling of the wind and the creaking of ice and snow in 40 below zero, the howling wolves and the yelping foxes, the chirping birds, the rippling creek…

This diversity of sounds inspired the Sami people to try to transfer them into tones and melodies. In this way one of the longest living archaic music traditions in Europe evolved and for generations yoik has traditionally been chanted acapella.

Yoik has struggled with attitudes regarding it primitive, heathen or just disgusting. In some periods and areas it was even forbidden. But the yoik survived, first and foremost among the Sami people living on the tundra.

No one ever managed to subdue the beautiful melodies and the people who loved this music.

The passion for the yoik among the Sami people has ensured its survival until today.

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