Lars Henrik Blind

Lars Henrik is from Karesuando in Sweden, where he grew up in a family of reindeer herders. He is sixty years old now and he has been in reindeer herding all his life. He also inherited the yoigan, the traditional Sami chanting and has trained and developed this skill since he was a child.

This is his first release, but he has performed with yoik, not only in Sapmi and on the Nordic scenes, but also abroad like in Greenland, and Guatemala. His talents as yoiker and storyteller has been recognized in a variety of performances-productions ; like in theatre, yoik courses for children, in Norway Broadcasting Cooperation, Sápmi and several movie productions and, . His stories are ancient rooted, but he also presents stories in an excellent way from his nowadays contemporary world. Lars Henrik has also worked extensively with the legendary multi-artist Nils Aslak Valkeapää in the mid70s.

This is a CD with traditional Sami music and Lars Henrik represents one of the last surviving tradition carriers within the yoiking style in Sweden.,He shows how he fully masters the old school of yoiking; bearing the yoiking in a phenomenal way with strong expression. The vocal performance tells of a well- established yoiker and that he also appears as an accomplished performer. In his yoiking performance arises energy and often the audience is spellbound. Those who have waited for this release will not be disappointed. You will listen to a master; with vocal performances with clear tones, ornamentation of high class, and a rare overtone spectrum. This is a rough and beautiful record. 

His motto : The nature reflects life and where words disappear yoiking takes over.

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