John André Eira

John André Eira is 22 years old and from Maze. Here we meet a young yoiker who master the traditional style to the full. This release is a pure á capella yoiking CD. He is a talent within traditional Sami music and the first in Sami history with his own CD release in this age group. He has had a good family who have kept the tradition alive and thus influenced and inspired him to learn yoiking and practicing the disciplines that this art form requires. John André is in spite of his young age to be considered as one of the foremost talents and practitioners of traditional Sami music in Northern Sami style. On this CD he performs yoiking of six generations of persons yoiks and the oldest dating back to 1800.

John André performs yoiking in a very archaic way with a variety of musical ornamentation, and an advanced vocabulary of the voice with a wide level of overtones and a mature voice. It is a delight for the ear to hear how he conveys the different person characters sensitively and clearly distinguishes between male and female and young and old.

He has yoiked since he was 2 years old and has had his learning through practice. His fervor and enthusiasm for yoiking is formidable. He has performed at various venues and in different contexts. He also has secondary school with music major - (main instrument drums), 2 years Folkehøyskole in Haparanda - (Sound engineer). He is multi-talented and has an enhanced ear due to the fact that he is blind. This reinforces him as a musician. He takes the initiative and works hard.
The Sami people need more young people of his character to preserve such a unique tradition
and to inspire and motivate especially young people in Sami music tradition.

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