Werner Larsen

With a background in musical environment in the Troms region for many years, he has taken the plunge to make a recording with forces from northern Norway.

A new artist in the genre of singer-songwriter with roots from Vannøya.

With lyrics from the coastal environment and self-composed music is communicated
personal stories from the local community. Topics such as existence, people,
love and belonging is the cornerstone of his expression. Music and lyrics are performed in an honest, close and rough manner that is taken out from the northern Norwegian landscape. It added nothing to the side, this must be experienced "in your face".

The event and the musical landscape is adapted to the mood of the
vocal the performance that takes us on a seductive journey through the sub-Arctic
universe. History is told that they have been told for generations and there is also emphasized the uncertainty in the coastal community that people feel
today, but also joy and positive emphasized. This is a celebration of a record
to the region and the people who live there.

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