DATCD-36   BOSKA - Johan Sara jr. & group  2003

BOSKA is the second album by Johan Sara jr. & group. Their first CD, "Ovcci vuomi ovtta veaiggis" (Nine valleys in one dusk) was released 1995 - and much is different now compared to then. The members of the group have changed and the music is breaking new ground.

The CD contains nine tracks and can best be described as contemporary yoik with thrilling vocals and sounds - rooted in traditional yoik blended with folk music from other cultures. The music is progressive, has an original groove and is embellished with changing and dynamic loops with a touch of freebag-jazz, punk, electronic and digital music.
The outcome is nine tracks with different and unique character in compact arrangements which hardly has been heard before.

Johan Sara jr. is a musician, yoik singer, composer, producer and an educated music teacher. He is a stage performer, and has collaborated with a lot of different musicians, composed music for theatre, TV and conserts, produced CDs and been involved as an artist in several recordings.

Joavku/Group: Johan Sara jr. (juoigan/yoik, jienat/voices), Geir Ø. Lysne (saxophone, njurgganat/flutes), Knut Aalefjær (rumbbut/drums, percussion, Opsvik rumbu/drum), Erik Halvorsen (syntesizer) Guossemusihkkarat/Guest musicians: Zotora (didjeridoo), Per Mathisen (bass), Johne Malmedal (rumbbut/drum), Sergio Gonzales (percussion, rumbbut/drums), Jørn Øien (syntesizer), Audun Erlien (bass), Sayan Ts. Zhambalov (guoggomaslávlun/throatsinging), Erzena Z. Zhambalova (jienat/voices)


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