Johan Sara jr -Gávcci jahkodaga / The eight sámi seasons

you're fond of classical music, it's recommended to listen to this magnificent chamber music piece by Johan Sara jr. Gávcci jahkodaga offers an exciting and expressive musical journey through the eight Sámi seasons.

This is program music from the mountains to the coast, drawing on the traditional Sámi way of life in industries such as reindeer herding or farming/fishing. Different ways of harvesting from nature, yet there are similarities between these various Sámi lifestyles.

Johan Sara jr. says: "I come from a reindeer herding family and remember from my childhood and youth the different seasons and when we moved with the reindeer herd. I have carried these experiences with me throughout my life, and they are the basis for the various artistic expressions in my projects."

The music in this piece is in many ways a journey through classical chamber music, from Beethoven's late string quartets to modernism, where pentatonic joik themes in each part bind these eight movements together into a fully composed chamber music masterpiece. The five instruments, four strings, and piano create large contrapuntal contrasts in the sound through complex compositional techniques, also with significant dynamic contrasts in the various musical parts, both on a micro and macro level. The piece thus serves as a mirror of nature's changing character, the diversity of natural forces, and the differences between the seasons.

Sara has composed music for various ensembles such as choirs and chamber orchestras, bands, film, and theater.

The musicians who participated in this album are based in Finnmark and represent Ensemble Noor / Scene Finnmark.

Violin 1: Ingerid Marie Willassen

Violin 2: Justyna Wasowska

Viola: Tørris Koløen Bakke

Cello: Nikolay Girunyan

Piano: Nils Anders Mortensen

Recorded at Kysten studio-Tromsø with technician Kristian Svalestad Olstad and mastered by Audun Strype.

Release date: 15. March 2023

Johan Sara jr - Mearraspeajal

The second album in the trilogy «Mearrasápmelaš» deals with the Sea Sami roots.

In an acoustic and dynamic soundscape, Sara returns to the starting point of his career on the album trilogy «Mearrasápmelaš / Sea sámi», and also like «Ovcci vuomi ovtta veaiggis» album in 95.

The second album "Mearraspeajal" is recorded live in studio, and cultivates the immediate and direct in such a way of working, where the rhythms and melodies can almost be touched and felt - up close and personal, and the joik leads the way through various sonic landscape.

The Sea Sami culture is closely connected to the sea, which has been import­ant for food, traditions, culture, trade, transport and communication. It has been important to create connections between different cultures and groupings such as inland and the coast. The language and music have been, and are, carriers of these cultural values ​​and traditions

We as humans fundamentally needs to know our heritage - to know where we come from, who we are, where we belong, to feel a sense of belonging and to share it. "Mearraspeajal" looks in to these roots which help to strengthen identity and belonging. Roots that refer to origins, history and traditions that have shaped Sea Sami culture.

"Mearraspeajal" is set in a Sea Sami context, and seeks the original Sea Sami soul and the spirit. It is released on vinyl and streaming, and contains three long works. The trilogy is a larger coherent art project on vinyl of which the cover design is also a part.

Johan Sara jr. is a joiker, composer, musician and visual artist and has a Sea Sami background and was born and raised in Alta and on Stjernøya. He lives in Maze and works there. "Mearraspeajal" is his 19th album release.

This release is based on the 3 instruments we know in Sami music; voice, flute and drums.

With him Johan Sara jr. two outstanding musicians: Erik Håkon Halvorsen on keys, and Stein Inge Brækhus on drums and percussion. Together they have worked out a close and listening interplay, based on improvisation and created a form that leads listeners through different landscapes where the joik and poetry are guides.

Release date: 1. December 2023

Johan Sara jr - Mearrasápmelaš

The time has come to honor the Sea Sami coastal population in Northern Norway.

The Norwegian authorities westernization policy towards the Sea Sámi population where particularly vicious in erasing their culture and language.

From 1850 and well into the 20th century, the Sámis were to be assimilated into Norwegian society. This Norwegianization policy implemented by the Norwegian authorities struck the Sea Sámi population particularly hard.
Their culture was largely erased, and subsequently as a result of the assimilation, they have associated their sámi identity with disgrace and shame.
Sea sámi Joik tradition (joik is a unique form of cultural expression for the Sami people in form of a solo chant/singing) has been almost completely wiped out, with
only a few surviving fragments that we know of.

This release, as the first in a coming trilogy, is set in a Sea Sámi context, and concerns to reconstruct and bring back to life some of the the spirit and sound of the original Sea Sámi joik.

This first album will be availeble on vinyl and streaming, and contains two long works. (One on each side). The trilogy is a larger coherent art project on vinyl, of which the cover design is also a part.

For ages the sea sámi population lived on the coast combining reindeer husbandry, agriculture and fishing.
Johan Sara jr. - joiker, composer and musician is himself coming from Sea Sámi heritage, growing up in Alta and on Stjernøya. His family was engaged in reindeer
husbandry, living partly nomad life with summer pasture on Stjernøya, besides a permanent residency in Alta where the reindeers had their winter pasture.

With this album, Sara jr. wants to highlight and set focus on the Sámi population living along the coast of northern Norway.
Through the music, Johan and his fellow musicians depicts and reflects on the coast from a Sámi perspective.
The length of the works stands in contrast to the busy times we live in. They linger and change slowly, just as the light and weather change in the fjords and along the coast.

This trilogy has it’s fundings on the three instruments we know about from sámi music culture; voice, flute and drums.

Alongs side Johan Sara jr. on this trilogy, there are two brilliant musicians: Erik Håkon Halvorsen on keys, and Stein Inge Brækhus on drums and percussion. As a
trio they are forming a close listening interaction, based on improvisation; low and high, calm and storm, love and strength. deep and heartfelt.
The joik is examined with different use of voices and variations in a sounding landscape based on Sámi philosophy and mythology.

Guest musician on various flutes from Turkey is Serdar Kastelli
Johan Sara jr.: producer, art work and cover design.
The publication is supported by the Sámi Parliament.

Release date: 27. October 2023

Johan Sara jr - KOR vi bor

KOR vi bor - new album from Johan Sara jr.

Seven languages in Finnmark become musical works in Johan Sara jr.'s new album KOR vi bor. The music reflects the modern, diverse Finnmark and the people who live here today. Language becomes music. KOR vi bor is an multi-artistic project about Finnmark by Johan Sara jr. and Susanne Hætta. On this album, seven languages become musical works with a mixture of electronic and acoustic instruments. The music reflects the modern, diverse Finnmark and the
people who live here today.

The basic stock of sound is composed of the speaking voices of the people we have met. The music is created using various techniques such as sampling, processing and editing of the voices. The soundtracks will then mainly consist of seven soloists with different stories about belonging
to Finnmark. The musicality of the various languages and the small stories thus form nuances for the diversity that Finnmark consists of today. The rhythmicity and musicality of the languages are wrapped in an electronic and acoustic landscape of a modern character. The album is part of this
project and will be released on March 18.

Who are we:
We are from Alta in Finnmark, we were born here, we have lived elsewhere, we have travelled the
world and we have returned to Finnmark. Johan Sara jr. is a composer of many genres, a performing musician and visual artist. Susanne Hætta is a writer, photographer and visual artist. KOR vi bor is an exhibition of painting, installation, graphics, photography and sound installation,
shown in Kirkenes and Hammerfest last year, and which will be shown at Vadsø Art Association
March 18 – April 16, and at Alta Art Association September 9 – 30, 2023. The album is part of this project and will be launched on 18 March at Vadsø Art Association

These languages are heard in the music:
1. Finnish 2. Norwegian 3. Russian 4. Northern Sámi 5. Kven 6. Skolt Sámi 7. Farsi
1. Johan Beddari, 2. Henry Hansen and Sandra Andersen Eira, 3. Nicolay Shchetnev, 4. Ingunn
Utsi and Ingar Eira, 5. Nanna Salamonsen, 6. Hanna-Maaria Kiprianoff, 7. Abdullah Ahmadzai
Musicians on this album: Dag Jarle Nilsen, Trygve Beddari, Odd-Erling Simensen, Justyna
Wasowska, Kari Heimen and Anja Hætta Bergkvam.

Producer, composer, musician, synth, programming, studio technique, mixing and artwork: Johan
Sara jr. Cover design: Susanne Hætta

Release date: 18.March 2023

Johan Sara jr - Almmiravddas 

New CD album and digital platforms

Almmiravddas is Sámi and means on the ‘edge of the sky’ or where the sky meets the sea.
Johan Sara jr. has made an album with only his own voice, with polyphonic melodies and large
sound reverberations, long melodies with different coloring, harmoniously and tonally adapted. It
is music that moves in different dynamic landscapes; dreamy, atmospheric and delicately composed. Soft, but at times intense, powerful and sacred. The pure voice is the base, but in production
there are also voices sampled and processed electronically, so that it can be perceived as another

The joik melodies are stretched and expanded, and the performer adds and adapts the arrangements around the melodic process and creates a personal musical expression. The voice technique is taken from the joik's universe, thousands of years of tradition developed into experimental
music. It is voices that are the essence of the Sámi cultural heritage of juoigat, which means to
perform in Sámi. The voice shapes the melodies and ornaments. The joik is a tradition that takes
an entire lifetime to learn, perfecting it through maturation, trial and error. New musical expression
is created like for example: UREKSM: indigenous-experimental music or in Norwegian: Ur-eksperimentell musikk. A musical heritage that can best be learned face to face in oral learning. Johan
Sara jr. thanks his teachers:

“I have had the privilege of learning from all these masters over the years: my mother, Marit Sara,
Nils-Aslak Valkeapää and Ole Larsen Gaino. Those who have inspired me: Mikkel Bongo, Mathis
Hætta, my uncles in Máze and all the fantastic joikers in my record company, Stierdna ».

When the pandemic hit last year, many artists shut themselves in the studio, and have been there
for a year. Johan Sara jr. did just that, and is now releasing an album consisting of only his own
voice (a cappella). He has spent the last year training, with jogging, breathing exercises, perfecting and stretching his voice high and low. It has resulted in the album Almmiravddas, At the edge
of the sky.

Release date: 4.June 2021 (also streaming e.g. Spotify)

Johan Sara jr. - "Understanding "

New CD album and digital platforms

The album Understanding / Áddejupmi is the last release in a trilogy from coastal Finnmark and Troms.

For this extensive project, artist Johan Sara jr. has recorded sounds from nature for many years. He has interpreted nature and fauna, and used field recordings to form the basis for the compositions. Nature has a language that we do not always understand, but which we recognize the beauty of. Nevertheless, the composer has used concrete sounds to make these atmospheric soundscapes. The trilogy tells about life by the shores, on the sea and finally: under the water. The vocals compliment the submarine rhythms and sounds, alternating between the deepest bass of the seabed to a bird-like falsetto.

The intention of this trilogy is to illuminate, but also to unite nature, man and the animal kingdom of the vulnerable Arctic environment; it is truly a visualization of the climate issues in the north. As you listen, you smell the seawater and feel the boat's cradling, while the elongated sounds of seabirds and whales follow you.

- I've always been fascinated with sound, says Johan Sara jr. From early childhood, he developed the interest through activities related to his sea Sámi upbringing. He was challenged by his father to listen to everything that moved through all the eight Sámi seasons. Sara brought this curiosity with him into adulthood and into his artistic work as a composer, musician and joiker (performer of traditional Sámi music).

The music in the trilogy, which consists of Sea Sami, See (2016), Transforming (2017) and Understanding (2019), is ethereal, suggestive and movingly beautiful. The soundscapes are color-saturated and dark, bright and sparkling, dense and open at the same time; a pulsating matter with recognizable cyclic qualities.

This is music you need time to get to know, meditate with and reflect upon. The albums are already favorite soundtracks for several dancers and the music is used for three dance performances in 2019.

Release date: 6.December 2019

John Mathis Utsi - "Luohti vuolgá"

New CD album and digital platforms

With his debut album he demonstrates a high level of skill in traditional yoik. A rare musical mind, almost in a class of his own in the performing and relay of yoik to an audience. Not just a masterly performance of yoik, but also with a level of musical ornamentation and frase to spice up the yoik that requires a good deal of background knowledge such as is rarely found says producer Johan Sara jr.

John Mathis Utsi is born and has grown up with yoik and comes from a family that is widely known for their yoik performances.  This type of yoik that John Mathis masters is a rare commodity and is representing the old school/traditional yoik, and at the same time appealing to a new listener base. With his succinct, rounded and pleasant voice he leads us in to a world of the way to perform the traditional yoiks.

The album contains person yoiks from Finnmarksvidda. Some of his own and new compositions, but in the yoik Hoankabealljit (see the link to the video) also an explanation to why one chooses the life of a reindeer herder, despite all the hardship.

-It has been important for myself to yoik also the young, in order to show that person yoiks is a living tradition, says John Mathis Utsi. Also it contains a declaration of love that took some time to make the way I wanted it.

Even though he is an accomplished stage performer the studio work was a challenge. Usually yoiks come spontaneously and relates itself to the situation at hand.

-It was a surprisingly difficult process in the studio. I have applied a lot of time in order to make the result perfected and I am satisfied with the result, but there are some material in which I did not quite reach the goal but where the texts are more the focus says the artist himself.

He has also performed some very old yoiks and he masters that to the full. A real yoiker that we are very proud of. The product consist of 18 yoiks and we look forward to publishing the album Luohti vuolga the yoik leads, with his outstanding voice and mastership of traditional yoik of a "classical" nature. The result is an album that commands respect says the producer.

Release date: 8. November 2019

Johan Sara jr. - "Electonic yoik "

New CD album and digital platforms

«Electronic yoik» unites electronica and the Sámi ancient style of singing, yoik

“I move slowly with the landscape, letting myself be moved, absorb, allow myself to listen and to unite with an ancient tradition.”

Johan Sara jr. is now releasing his fourteenth album: Electronic Yoik.

This release is the result of a close collaboration with Erik Håkon Halvorsen where they over the course of a three-year period have explored the encounter between urban electronic elements and the yoik, the traditional Sámi style of singing, with its ancient traditions. In terms of genre, the record is therefore difficult to place, but will create recognition in listeners who are accustomed to ambient music, traditional joik, jazz and pure electronic music.  

The core of the record are element of archaic joik - microtonal themes and gesticulatory rhythms. Further motif development forms structure at various levels - the rhythmic, the sonic/material, which in turn is further processed in the electronic and digital in the form of sampling, sequencing and digital sound processing. Fragments of joik are repeated and processed in an organic way - motif develops like branches on a plant. In longer musical runs, listeners are invited into the same unexplored landscape as Halvorsen and Sara jr. has made countless expeditions to. The improvisational parties dissolve static patterns and bring the music into a more liberated form.

"By letting the archaic yoik be the basis in the meeting with modern global music, I hope that it will both maintain, and at the same, time modernize the Sámi music heritage. Such work is very time consuming. Creating new style directions as well as composing music from scratch often requires targeted work with a lot of trial and error. All in all, an good and comprehensive production that I am very proud of, ”says Johan Sara.  

In this project, Sara and Halvorsen have collaborated with the merited musicians Audun Erlien on bass, Arve Henriksen on trumpet and synth, and Stein Inge Brækhus on drums and percussion. The album is available on all streaming services, as well as on CD, from September 27, 2019.

Release date: 27. September 2019

Johan Sara jr. - "Transforming"

Johan Sara jr. is born and raised in Alta, and lives in Maze. He is now releasing his twelfth album. This album is the second in a series of 3, a trilogy with sound recordings taken from the coast of Finnmark. Sound/field recordings of the ocean, birds, walking at land and beach and many other elements which are further developed through a whole trilogy - dramaturgically, dynamically and progressively. The concept of this release is to reflect the sea-sami life in Finnmark through sound. An art work with a clear theme. This trilogy project is a continuation of the Transmisson trilogy, which in turn reflects the Sami world in the inner and high plains part of Finnmark.

Unlike No. 1 "Sea Sami, See" that contains only natural sounds, this release is a further development of the natural sounds in an electronic direction. Acoustic sounds are processed electronically and assembled to an entire composition of approx. 1 hour. With clear sound, we will be taken to the coast of Finnmark. Long timbres and quiet but intense periods, dynamic animal and bird sounds and the mysteries of silence lead the listeners on an exciting journey on the coast of Finnmark in spectacular nature. The music illustrates the interaction between man and nature in a harsh and shifting clime. The story tells of a sturdy type of people who has survived the harsh climate in the north through generations and where the ocean gives and takes, but regardless of everything, the eyes are always facing the ocean without worries about the situations of life. No.1 "Sea Sami, See" illustrates the image on the sea. No. 2 "Transforming" on land. What will be No.3? Pay attention!  

Release date: 20. October 2017

Lars-Ánte Kuhmunen - "Riihmagállis"

Sami reindeer herder yoiker and poet Lars-Ánte Kuhmunen at last came to Nashville (USA). An old dream from the teen age years, which arose at the foot of the mountains in Lapland came true. With the cooperation of the super producer Will Kimbrough, Björn Pettersson Thuuri from the Willy Clay Band from and from Emmylou Harris eminent band, The Red Dirt Boys, the new album took shape.

With a perspective from the other side of the Atlantic, it was time to make music that looks inward. Time to deal with the conservative, hierarchical, and harsh climate that prevails among the reindeer Sami population. Reindeer herding today entails a constant battle. Not just a struggle to preserve an endangered culture against the Nordic countries' economic interests, but also a struggle against a tradition of outdated structures and values ??within the Sami world in reindeer herding.

The resulting, "Riihmagállis / A Legend" is Lars-Ánte’s third album, and is one of the most important releases that has been made of a Sami artist in later years. An uncomfortable, challenging and honest confrontation with a reality that few outside the Sami culture knows about. But there is also music with distance, passion and humour. A meeting of the highest class between Sami and American roots music. A musical encounter that everyone, regardless of background and affiliation, can appreciate.

Release date: 29. - 30. October 2016

Johan Sara jr. - "Sea Sami See "

Johan Sara jr. Born and raised in Alta, and resides in Maze. He now releases his
eleventh album. This album is the first in a series of 3, a trilogy of audio recordings from the coast of Finnmark. Sound recordings of ocean, birds, boats and rowing and further developed through an entire trilogy - dramaturgical, dynamic and progressive.

The concept with this release is to mirror the sea Sami life in Finnmark through sound. An artistic expression with a clear theme. This trilogy project is a continuation of the Transmisson trilogy reflecting the Sami world on the vidda or inner part of Finnmark.

Johan grew up in Alta and at Stjernøya and has close relations with the sea and the life that takes place on the coast. This entire universe has been stored in his memory from childhood. The returning - as he says - to his original roots is great, and also emotional. Recreating sound on the basis of all the feelings and experiences over time as a child and a youth has been an important plan for Johan. The project also has other intentions. Among other things to picture the environment and try to experience this from a different perspective in a different way in order to better illustrate what concerns us, here up north. A journey for us, so close and commonplace, but without noticing it, for it is there right on the outside our houses.

Johan says: In my mind to return to all the great memories is a revelation in itself. All of the birds, ocean, fish, different weather conditions, boat, calm, reindeer and especially smell. All this puts things in perspective, an unimaginable landscapes and a region with so many possibilities. Dream society ... a yearning for the real, being present now .. the dream.
Thinking back on that roots are important, forms an identity that we can be proud of. Knowing that here my ancestors abode hundreds of years will do something with the human mind. All these thoughts create a driving force, a hope of continuing the tradition and culture, and make a new development. This creates favorable conditions for descendants to further proudly say with a straight back "I experienced the storm, but was not blown off the road." Thank you mother earth for an exquisite place to be and all the music you capriciously and generously bestow on us.

Lean back and listen…. nature has something to tell you and look forward to the next release.

Release date: 23.July 2016

Mihkkala Joavnna Ánte Niillas – Anders Nils J. Eira /Niga - "Doalli"

Anders Nils J.Eira / Niga is born, raised and living in Maze. With this artist, we meet an experienced yoiker and actor. He has yoiked since childhood and has learned it since early. Anders Nils has performed and toured among others in Japan, Spain, throughout Scandinavia and Greenland.
He is what we call a traditional yoiker and in this release the material consists of both older and newer yoiks and self-composed. This recording is the second release and the first came out in 2001.

He is an accomplished yoiker and has a comfortable and expressive voice and rich in
ornament. With his deep bass voice, he shows maturity in the performance and the experience of his performance gives the listener the opportunity to immerse themselves in an old-fashioned world of tones and words that rarely can be described.

On this recording we hear a yoik choir and here he brings guest yoikers from Maze, Karasjok and Kautokeino. For the first time in history, we hear a yoik choir where the performance reflects the tradition the way it once was in the old days. The experience of several voices simultaneously and in unison creates a new dimension in the vocal landscape where energies and ornaments meet in a timeless shift of phrase. This is to show a little of the old tradition where the Samis met in festive party and gatherings and where yoik was performed in unison by several people.
This CD is also an important document from Maze for the upcoming generation. On this recording we also meet a young guest yoiker from Karasjok named John Mathis Utsi.

The audience had to wait long for CD number 2 of this popular artist, but now it's finally here.

Release date: 28. October 2015

Johan Sara jr. - "Remix"

Johan Sara jr. was born and raised in Alta, and lives now in Maze. He is now releasing his tenth album. The starting point for this release is from when Johan 35 years ago gave his first concert at a youth club in Alta. Already then he had decided to become a musician. A big dream at the time was to release a vinyl LP record in the future. Now this has become a reality with this album and it is a remix release. 35 years have passed since the first concert and this is now celebrated with a very special project concept in which he has invited friends and colleagues to interpret his music in a remix landscape format.

The composer colleagues have chosen freely from the various previous releases and remixed tracks in their own taste. This has become an album with many variations as if it were a separate playlist on a modern format. Very varied and the touch of different styles have made this album a tasteful experience in a landscape of modern Sámi music context.

A refreshing experience where the intention has not been to complicate the music, but to bring it more in the direction of the musical styles that exist in the pop world today.

Johan is also especially very proud to present the resources involved that exist in his own region and / or originating from there.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to this album becoming a reality.


Release date: December 2014

John André Eira - ”Buolvvas bulvii”

John André Eira is 22 years old and from Maze. Here we meet a young yoiker who master the traditional style to the full. This release is a pure á capella yoiking CD. He is a talent within traditional Sami music and the first in Sami history with his own CD release in this age group. He has had a good family who have kept the tradition alive and thus influenced and inspired him to learn yoiking and practicing the disciplines that this art form requires. John André is in spite of his young age to be considered as one of the foremost talents and practitioners of traditional Sami music in Northern Sami style. On this CD he performs yoiking of six generations of persons yoiks and the oldest dating back to 1800.

John André performs yoiking in a very archaic way with a variety of musical ornamentation, and an advanced vocabulary of the voice with a wide level of overtones and a mature voice. It is a delight for the ear to hear how he conveys the different person characters sensitively and clearly distinguishes between male and female and young and old.

He has yoiked since he was 2 years old and has had his learning through practice. His fervor and enthusiasm for yoiking is formidable. He has performed at various venues and in different contexts. He also has secondary school with music major - (main instrument drums), 2 years Folkehøyskole in Haparanda - (Sound engineer). He is multi-talented and has an enhanced ear due to the fact that he is blind. This reinforces him as a musician. He takes the initiative and works hard.
The Sami people need more young people of his character to preserve such a unique tradition
and to inspire and motivate especially young people in Sami music tradition.

Release date: 31.October 2014

Máreha Lásse Lars Heaika / Lars Henrik Blind.   “ Luđiin náhkkui”

Lars Henrik is from Karesuando in Sweden, where he grew up in a family of reindeer herders. He is sixty years old now and he has been in reindeer herding all his life. He also inherited the yoigan, the traditional Sami chanting and has trained and developed this skill since he was a child.

This is his first release, but he has performed with yoik, not only in Sapmi and on the Nordic scenes, but also abroad like in Greenland, and Guatemala. His talents as yoiker and storyteller has been recognized in a variety of performances-productions ; like in theatre, yoik courses for children, in Norway Broadcasting Cooperation, Sápmi and several movie productions and, . His stories are ancient rooted, but he also presents stories in an excellent way from his nowadays contemporary world. Lars Henrik has also worked extensively with the legendary multi-artist Nils Aslak Valkeapää in the mid70s.

This is a CD with traditional Sami music and Lars Henrik represents one of the last surviving tradition carriers within the yoiking style in Sweden.,He shows how he fully masters the old school of yoiking; bearing the yoiking in a phenomenal way with strong expression. The vocal performance tells of a well- established yoiker and that he also appears as an accomplished performer. In his yoiking performance arises energy and often the audience is spellbound. Those who have waited for this release will not be disappointed. You will listen to a master; with vocal performances with clear tones, ornamentation of high class, and a rare overtone spectrum. This is a rough and beautiful record. 

His motto : The nature reflects life and where words disappear yoiking takes over.

Release date: 08.March 2014

Johan Sara jr. - Voi_Ice In Cube STI06- 2013

The last part of the music concept trilogy is now complete. With this trilogy concept composer and musician Johan Sara jr. has tried to create a picture of how yoik started. A sort of documentation on how the Sami music yoik wandered, survived and developed until today.
Questions that have been asked are-where did yoik start, where did the different melodies start and what was the origin of the tones? Was it from the sounds of nature?

The Sami yoik is functional and versatile and has great development potential. This the composer has shown in this concept with the releases Ludiin muitalan, Transmission and now the last Voi_Ice In Cube.
Voice has been the cornerstone of two of the releases, and as we know, voice is also the main instrument in the Sami musical heritage.
Another thing is the language. Did you know that there are hundreds of words for describing the ice and snow in Sami. Some of those included in Part VI.

Yoiks ideological position, and also its potential are strongly related to nature, and yoiks functionality associated with the performance and the elements of technique based on breathing and voice, help to make this release an exciting and modern soundscape, based only on voices guided by the sounds of nature. Many of the voices are looped, and processed with the help of electronic plugins.
The composer has concentrated on the voice aspect of yoik and the musical terms he has adopted are fx: textures, micro-tonality, micro-rhythms, overtones and melodic motifs with interspersed dynamics. The composer with this release has created 7 connected works in 5.1 surround format
with high resolution. Must be experienced!

12 years has been used to implement this project. A conceptual project that has gradually evolved, and as the composer says: "The driving force has been the quest for yoik’s secrets and codes. A unique and fantastic journey in the sami music-ethnological world far north inside the circumpolar regions where the light always shines."
Two wonderful guest musicians has been involved in this concept.
Ole Larsen Gaino 80 years, a master of traditional yoik and John Andre Eira 21 years, a unique talent of traditional yoik who will carry on the sami musical heritage to the next generation.

Release date: 01. November 2013

Lars-Ánte kuhmunen" Somás muittut" STI05- 2012

Lars Ante is from Kiruna and is a reindeer herder. He began his singing career already 5 years old with yoik performances for family and friends. His first public performance when he was 12 years old. Since then he has made countless appearances both at home and abroad.

His first album he made in 2005, "Birrasis" which he got the “Folkelarm prisen” the Norwegian folk music award for and very good reviews from the press. Now in these days Lars Ante launches a new CD, but this time as a singer. With the self-written lyrics and melodies wrapped in 60-70 style produced and arranged by the critically acclaimed master producer Tobias Fröberg, and also with the track “No Ale” as a foundation for cooperation with Johnossi. The product has become a rough and ”catchy” record with strong political lyrics as well as subtle and poetic lyrics. In vogue CD in orthodox costume and with phenomenally good sound production both for the growing generation and for those who let themselves be seduced in nostalgia spirit.This is a record with warm recommendations. A record with a complete and thoroughly worked through style.

Release date: Kiruna 09. June 2012

Werner Larsen-Aleina på en naken jord 2012
With lyrics from the coastal environment and self-composed music is communicated personal stories from the local community. Topics such as existence, people, love and belonging is the cornerstone of his expression. Music and lyrics are performed in an honest, close and rough manner that is taken out from the northern Norwegian landscape. It added nothing to the side, this must be experienced "in your face".

The event and the musical landscape is adapted to the mood of the vocal the performance that takes us on a seductive journey through the sub-Arctic universe. History is told that they have been told for generations and there is also emphasized the uncertainty in the coastal community that people feel
today, but also joy and positive emphasized. This is a celebration of a record to the region and the people who live there.

Release date:
20. january 2012
Lásse Ovllá- Ole Larsen Gaino-STI03-Luohti 2011
Ole Larsen Gaino with the big voice has once again made a record.Age of 77 years has had ripple effects on his voice, but on the contrary. This production shows a deep, rugged and beautiful execution of yoik, his voice takes you on a journey into Northern Sami joik tradition at its best.

The voice guides you into a tradition and culture of the human character and behavior, here is a perspective of sound art in a seductive and melancholy way that makes you at times to hold your breath. This award-winning artist, the artist and tradition bearer, is worth listening to. Let yourself be carried away!
Johan Sara jr.Group-STI02-Orvoš 2009
Johan Sara jr. launches a new CD “Orvoš” which is the third in the portfolio with his own band. The music is a development of the “Boska” CD that came out in 2003.

In this new CD the boundaries are stretched both musically and in respect to the sami vocal traditions. In order to perform yoik it takes a technical vocal foundation to be able to utilize the power of the yoik and its potential. On this CD the yoik moves in a border area near traditional yoik, but is expanded out to a modern landscape. These elements belong together, modern and ancient. To be able to move into the future the roots needs to follow along. In this CD all boundaries of what is commonly connected with sami music is expanded.

Modern western musical expressions from various genres is stretched, and optimally shaped in an uninhibited, progressive electronic landscape of sound.

The result has become a rough-edged CD with an air of punk's unpolished momentum and leading to a meditational thoughtfulness . The power and force in this musical encounter takes our fantastic yoik tradition into the future and brings our heritage … out to the anticipant listener.
Orvoš means, the peak from where you see all.
Johan Sara jr.-STI01-Mino/Mano 2008
Press release:This is the third own album of Johan Sara Jr. The previous albums have received critical acclaim both in Norway and abroad. With this CD he has taken a step further.

He cooperates with turkish musicians, with the goal to blend sami and turkish music traditions. He has several times been to Turkey to get to know turkish culture and music, and also to make the recordings in Turkey. This has resulted in an exciting album where culture, people, music, language and energies meet. It proves that these two cultures are very close to each other in expression and musical bridges are built over long geographical distances.

He cooperates closely with Umut Yasa who is a magnificent singer and musician, and who has also coordinated the project in Izmir.

Norwegian and swedish musicians also take part on this album.The result has become a unique and exciting CD with lots of musical surprises.CD produced by Johan Sara jr.
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John Sara Jr.
- Rievdadus

Lásse Ovllá ~ Ole Larsen Gaino
DATCD-48   Ludiin muitalan     

Johan Sara jr. & group

Inga Juuso, Johan Sara jr., Rogelio De Badajoz Duran, Erik Steen, Jai Shankar Sahajpal, Erik Steen
DATCD-29   CALBMELIIBA Frozen Moments - Momentos inolvidables - Frusna ögonblick

Johan Sara jr. & Group

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