DATCD-29   CALBMELIIBA Frozen Moments - Momentos inolvidables - Frusna ögonblick - Inga Juuso, Johan Sara jr., Rogelio De Badajoz Duran, Erik Steen, Jai Shankar Sahajpal, Erik Steen    1999

FROZEN MOMENTS, DATCD-29 is a meeting, an innovative fusion between the Sami yoik and the Gipsy/Andalucian flamenco, a collaboration between the Sami yoik artists Inga Juuso and Johan Sara jr. and the flamenco artists Rogelio De Badajoz Duran and Erik Steen. The meeting is backed-up by a young Indian master of tablas - Jai Shankar Sahajpal. The CD is recorded live on concerts performed by the artists. Originally the group was engaged by Stockholm Cultural Capital 1998, and they were first time on stage with the performance February 6.th 1998.

Flamenco and yoik have much in common. With flamenco and yoik you evoke moods, memories and express feelings. Both give voice to experiences and moments that come of heart and soul, a wailing - the fundamental scream. The history of yoik and flamenco reminds of each other, both have been suppressed and some times even forbidden. ?In this release you will hear the melancholy and sensitive sound of yoik meet the flamencos shout over the crying injustice of life, performed with passion and backed up by strong and vivid guitars and tablas. All with spirit and drive and a distinctive joy of life.

Erik Steen gitarra/guitar, caja.  Inga Juuso juoigan/yoik.  Jai Shankar Sahajpal tabla, vocal.  Rogelio De Badajoz Duran lávlun / cante /vocal.  Johan Sara jr. gitarra/guitar, percussion, juoigan/yoik. ?Báddejuvvon konsearttas Johkamohkis guovvamánu 7-8 beivviid 1998 ja Upmi álbmotmusihkafestivalas guovvamánu 28 beaivvi 1998 / Recorded live in Jokkmokk 7-8 February 1998 and at Umeå Folk Music Festival 28 February 1998. Jietnateknihkkar/Soundengineer: Mikael Brodin


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