DATCD-48   Ludiin muitalan  Lásse Ovllá ~ Ole Larsen Gaino    2009

Ludiin muitalan - Yoik-telling) This CD is a part of a project between Ole Larsen Gaino and Johan Sara jr. With sound recording equipments they have travelled in authentic environments during all seasons in Sámi land where yoik is still practised, and recorded yoik outdoor in its natural surroundings. The next CD in the project will be called Transmission where traditional yoik and nature sounds are transmitted into contemporary electronic music.

 Ole Larsen Gaino remembers, tells stories and yoiks. They have been out in the summertime, been out on the sea, in a reindeer heard, been out skiing and inside a lávvu (a Sámi tipi).

"Nature has guided the way to this specific CD. For six years I have had the good fortune to work with one of the best traditional yoikers of the archaic tradition. We made a fantastic journey where yoik and the sounds of nature itself merged into a unique opera, and shaped arias with different colours of sounds", tells the producer Johan Sara jr.


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